Mayhue's Taxidermy makes taxidermy so life like it will make you wan to shot it again.
  • Mayhue's Taxidermy does fish
  • Mayhue's Taxidermy does bears
  • Mayhue's Taxidermy does fish
  • Mayhue's Taxidermy does bears
  • Mayhue's Taxidermy does ducks


Mayhue's Taxidermy taxidermies does a lot of different animals.

So Good Your Trophy Looks Like It Is Alive

Whether you are a first-time hunter or fisherman or you feel that you finally have harvested something that deserves to be shown off forever, Mayhue’s Taxidermy takes pride in preserving amazing lifelike memories of the big hunt or the big catch. Our customers love the quality work that we do.

Based in Ashville, PA, which is about a 20-minute drive from Altoona, Mayhue’s Taxidermy has been creating the best taxidermy for our customers in Cambria County, Blair County and other nearby areas since 1987.

Trust Us To Do Your Mounting And Repairing

Not only do we do shoulder mounts and life-size mounts of deer, bears, fish, turkeys, birds and other small mammals, Mayhue’s Taxidermy does repair work and cleaning of mounts too. Our final product appears to bring the animal back to life, and we do it for an affordable price.

We also provide other services including the following:

  • Tanning Hides
  • Antler Panels
  • European Skull Mount
  • Small Mammals Mount
  • Rugs
  • Reproduction of Fish

Preparation Before Coming to Mayhue’s Taxidermy

When you bag your trophy, there are some key things to remember to do before you bring the animal to us. Before anything else, bring it to us as soon as possible. Remember that sometimes the damage to the animal may be too severe and taxidermy may not be possible.

Mayhue's Taxidermy's tips to avoid damage to your trophy.

Here are some tips to avoid damage to your trophy:

  • Do not gut your fish, small mammals, or birds. Wrap them in bags and freeze them or bring them
    immediately to us.
  • Do not cut the throat of the deer, bear, turkey, etc. It is almost impossible to mend the cut.
  • Do not cut too far up the chest of the animal.
  • Always keep the animal clean and dry. Clean up any body fluids by blotting it with a paper towel or
    clean cloth.
  • Do not drag the animal as it can result in drag marks that break the skin or wear off the fur. Dragging
    may leave bald spots, especially on the shoulder areas, and may damage the look of your mount.
  • Avoid shooting an animal in the head or neck. Most of the time, the damage to the animal cannot be
  • Birds are quite delicate, make sure you are gentle and do not damage any feathers.
Mayhue's Taxidermy's hours for the week and weekends.

Mayhue’s Taxidermy Business Hours

Mayhue’s Taxidermy has regular business hours Monday through Friday, but we can also schedule for customers with day jobs. Make an appointment to come in during the evening or on the weekend.

So call us at (814) 944-6095